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  • Tower of Trials- Unreal Engine

    Tower of Trials- Unreal Engine

    This is the adaptation of my Tower of Trials game inside the Unreal Engine. It looks a lot tastier, right?…

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  • A Little Bit

    A Little Bit

    I worked as a game designer on A Little Bit which was made for the Oculus Rift. You found yourself…

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  • Magnolia


    Magnolia is a game I worked on with a team. The game is a tribute to a little girl named Magnolia…

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  • Deformable Object

    Deformable Object


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  • Tower of Trials

    Tower of Trials

    This video demonstrates my team’s first 3D prototype in our own custom engine. Our goal was to create a good…

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  • Shadow Maps

    Shadow Maps

    I implemented a two-pass shadow map is implemented here while using front face culling to minimize shadow acne. I shadow…

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  • Reflection Maps

    Reflection Maps

    A reflection map is implemented drawing all the dynamically-changing environmental objects off a reflective object. I used a two-pass reflection…

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  • Image Based Lighting with Tone Mapping

    Image Based Lighting with Tone Mapping

    I read in two versions of an HDR image supplying a sky-dome background and reflections with one high resolution version…

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  • Cloth Simulation

    Cloth Simulation

    I implemented a cloth simulation using over 1000 mass points interconnected with springs. I tested the simulation in four different…

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  • Programming Demonstration Video

    Programming Demonstration Video

    This video illustrates my first try to combine everything I learned about programming and game design to make a very…

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