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Tower of Trials- Unreal Engine

This is the adaptation of my Tower of Trials game inside the Unreal Engine. It looks a lot tastier, right? Of course, I am not finished with it yet, but it has been a blast working in Unreal. I feel so spoiled, but I am amped up to improve my own custom engine to match…
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A Little Bit

I worked as a game designer on A Little Bit which was made for the Oculus Rift. You found yourself inside a broken computer where you are recruited by the CPU to restore and reboot the system. Big surprise, you’re just a single bit, but this bit figures out how to traverse through the computer…
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Magnolia is a game I worked on with a team. The game is a tribute to a little girl named Magnolia who died from an illness at a very young age. Our goal was to create a meaningful tribute to Magnolia for her family’s sake.  It won a couple of awards and is being shown at PAX.…
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Tower of Trials

This video demonstrates my team’s first 3D prototype in our own custom engine. Our goal was to create a good foundation for a game idea that we can follow through with this year. I served as producer, game designer and physics programmer on this project. The physics system used an RK4 integrator with simple SAT…
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