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Portfolio Category: PHYSICS

Tower of Trials

This video demonstrates my team’s first 3D prototype in our own custom engine. Our goal was to create a good foundation for a game idea that we can follow through with this year. I served as producer, game designer and physics programmer on this project. The physics system used an RK4 integrator with simple SAT…
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Cloth Simulation

I implemented a cloth simulation using over 1000 mass points interconnected with springs. I tested the simulation in four different types of integrators: Euler, Semi-implicit Euler, Verlet and RK4. RK4 produced the best results with semi-implicit Euler coming a close second. Verlet requires the usage of either a greater number of springs or stronger springs…
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The Doctor of Odz

The Doctor of Odz was the first game I took part in creating within my first custom engine. The idea was to create a simple platformer where you attain more power and abilities as you collect items. Because of his frailty, our protagonist, Odz Jr., has been abandoned inside a story book by his creator…
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