Engineer • Programmer • Designer

I have worked with Amro on several projects, and he is a very strange person.  Most people concentrate in one or two fields as their specialty, but Amro's specialty is closer to knowing a bit about everything.  He has spoken with me on how to improve our GPU's efficiency.  He converses with our technical director about how to fix our garbage collector.  He has helped solve several of our physics bugs.  He makes sure the game designers are staying within the scope of the project.  And he even talks out problems with our Networking Programmer.  Amro is one of two types of people. He either knows some of everything which makes him a very valuable asset to any institution or company.  Or he has tricked everyone into thinking he knows some of everything which makes him an even more valuable asset to any corporation that can use him.  It was a pleasure working alongside Amro, and I hope I can work with more people like him!

Akshay Dhok, Graphics Programmer